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Shotmakers News:

11/12/2015 - Dan Mahl Bowls his second 300 and his first 800 series!!! Dan was using his Storm Byte!! Congratulations Dan!!



9/24/2015 - Keith Nusbaum throws his 106th perfect 300 game Today!!!! Using the Storm CRUX Pearl..


Ken Szych shoots 300 at Glass Bowl lanes during the Monday night All Star league. Ken is off to a great start this season.


Chad Reiger is also off to a hot start at Jug's Alley..He is currently averageing 250..WOW!



9/22/2015 - Chad Reiger 300 Motiv Forza Red Line Jugs bowling center


9/21/2015 - Ken Szych .300 .Glass Bowl Storm Crux Pearl


9/16/2015 - A big night for Joe Thompson in Mansfield Ohio at Lex Lanes last night. Joe shot a 297 / 773 with his Roto Grip Scream.


9/14/2015 - 300 Brent Harbaugh At Toledo Sport Center. Roto Grip Haywire, First game off the drill press!!


9/14/2015 - Corey Rischman 3300/802 Hammer Red Legend Solid Glass Bowl Lanes


9/14/2015 - Bowling at Jug's Bowling center...Chad Rieger fires a 298 game using his brand new Motiv Forza Red LIne bowling ball. Chad finished the day with a 714 series.


9/14/2015 - Cory Rischman bowls an 802 with the Hammer Red Legend Solid Straight off of the drill press tonight at Glass Bowl Lanes..

With games of 244 290 268



9/4/2015 - Matt Paris 300 .Glass Bowl. Roto Grip Haywire.


8/28/2015 - Chad close 300/858 Roto Grip Deranged Forest View


8/28/2015 - Well, another amazing night at Glass Bowl lanes! Chad Close shot 279, 300, 279: 858 with the Roto Grip Deranged. 300-#41 800-#27.


8/27/2015 - Aaron Wozniak 300 Jugs Bowling Center Brunswick Nexxxus


Matt Paris goes HAYWIRE the first game of the Shot Makers Pro Shop Friday night league at Glass Bowl Lanes with a perfect game of 300!!! Using his New Roto Grip HAYWIRE, straight off the drill press!


The Shot Makers Pro Shop Team sprints to the lead in the Key Bank Traveling Leagues first 2 weeks of the season.


Aaron Wozniak opens the season with a perfect 300 game!!

Click here for the video!


We would like to announce the opening of our new location inside Forest View Lanes! This seasons hours will be Monday thru Friday 4 to 7:30.